Welcome to A Celebration of Gemstones, Gem Sri Lanka , th Jan at Cinnamon Bentota. Dive into an international showcase of exquisite gems. Sapphires, rubies, spinels, garnets and tourmalines are probably the most famous names of gemstones found in Sri Lanka but there are at least 70 more varieties. The gems from Sri Lanka are also ethically mined and traded, ensuring environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Moreover, the gems. Legend says that King Solomon of the bible wooed the queen of Sheba with precious stones taken from the “paradise island” of Sri Lanka. In the second century. One of the largest grayish blue Star sapphire gems in the world. It is almost flawless weighing at Carats. The specialty of this masterpiece is that it has.

Natural Gem Collections · Amethyst · Blue Sapphire · Green Sapphire · Teal Sapphire · Pink Sapphire · Semi Precious and Other Gems · Padparadscha · Rear Gems. Gemstones from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) ; Unheated golden yellow sapphire carats in octagon cut, Sri Lanka photo. Unheated golden yellow sapphire carats in. The name is a reflection of its natural wealth. Marco Polo wrote that the island had the best sapphires, topazes, amethysts, and other gems in the world. Login Form · Carats | Natural Iolite|Loose Gemstone| Sri Lanka - New. $ $ Add to cart · Carats | Natural Iolite|Loose Gemstone| Sri Lanka. The main gemstone species found in Sri Lanka are Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Padparadscha, Yellow Sapphire, Asteriated Sapphires (Star Sapphires), Alexandrite, Spinel. Elahera. 35% of gemstone exports come from the Elahera gem field in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. Mines from this area yield high-quality Tourmaline. Star stones of the corundum family are either Star sapphires or rubies. Sri Lanka is the best-known source for Star sapphires and Star rubies. When light falls. Sri Lanka is one of the most important sources of gemstones including blue sapphire, pink sapphire, ruby, yellow sapphire; alexandrite and cat's-eye. Flowing from the central hills through Ratnapura, the Kalu Ganga carries gems here from various parts of the island. Mining the river is carried out using with.

Punsiri Gems offers a range of natural Sapphires including Ceylon Blue Sapphire, Peach Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires & Sri Lankan Padparadscha Sapphires. Buy Certified Gemstones Online by Wijaya Gems, Sri Lanka. We Sell Yellow Sapphire, Green and Peach Sapphire and many more Since Buy Beautiful semi-precious stones Aquamarine, Garnet, Tourmaline, Chrysoberyl, Spinel, Topaz, Moonstone, Amethyst online at Sri Lankan Gems · 20 Pieces 2X4 MM Marquise Cut Natural Faceted Multi Sapphire Untreated Multi Sapphire Gemstone AAA+ Quality Multi. Ceylon Gem Hub is a trusted marketplace for buying Gemstones from anywhere in the world with guaranteed satisfaction. We're in the gem trade for over 3. In addition to sapphires, rubies, and moonstones, Sri Lanka is also home to a wide variety of other gemstones, including garnets, topaz, spinel. Sri Lanka stands out in the world of precious gemstones, with sapphires constituting 85% of the varieties mined there. Among these, none rival the global. Welcome to Crescent Gem Since Crescent Gems have been selling gemstones online, being the pioneer in the field from Sri Lanka, We have over 28 years. We supply top-quality lab-certified Ceylon sapphires & exquisite jewelry collections. Sri Lanka's most trusted & genuine gemstone dealer.

Global Gems Pvt Ltd is Sri lanka online certified Gem stones collection. On Global Gems you can order certified Gem & precious stones such as sapphire. Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, remains one of the single most important sources for fine gemstones. Especially notable are blue sapphire, pink sapphire or ruby. Sri Lankan Blue Shapphire. The Island of Ceylon was the world's first source of Sapphires and · Genuine Gem Certification! When you buy your gems from SriGems. Sri Lanka: Island of gemstones and Anpé Atelier's muse. Read about the incredible sapphires that can be found from this amazing country. The main gemstone species found in Sri Lanka are Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Padparadscha, Yellow Sapphire, Asteriated Sapphires (Star Sapphires), Alexandrite, Spinel.

Gems in Sri Lanka

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